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Asia Powercom Pvt. Ltd an ISO9000:2008 certified company is a joint venture with Powercom Co. Ltd, Taiwan, Powercom Co. Ltd is public listed company since 25 years and one of the leading manufacturing company in the world for Power electronics / Power Protection and Solar Solution products.

Asia Powercom Pvt. Ltd. commenced its operations in India in 2003, with a goal to provide quality power solutions to Indian masses. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, with sales and service support across Pan India.

The Company is poised to grow and is all set to penetrate the Indian market with a great thrust with its complete wide range of product, with its policy “Quality First, Customer First”, AsiaPower range of products is highly recognized by customers across the country.

Our Team

Our team is led by technocrats who have an excellent understanding of the power industry. Our team makes sure that our products and services are in line with contemporary customer needs. We deliver solutions which helps the business to manage the cost, improve the process and optimize the overall business growth, thereby delivering value to the organization.

Our Vision

Offer products with excellent quality……. Excellent support and Value for money.

Our Moto

To ensure and provide customers the confidence………. Their equipments, systems and data will not be disrupted due to power problems.