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Fresh alternative to traditional street lamps.
LED solar street lights are environmental friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective.
Maintenance free battery charges through sunlight and finally LED solar street lights become ON automatically at dusk and auto-off at dawn.
LED lights have 50-80% less energy consumption.
Long life, up to 50,000 hours, no replacement for 10 years.
Up to 25% lower air conditioning costs due to cooler operation.
Contain no mercury, unlike fluoroscent bulbs.
Labour savings due to longer replacement intervals.
Natural color results in more pleasant environment.
Instant starting, no cold start.
Free of ultraviolet radiation.
As per MNRE standards.
Free of ultraviolet radiation.
Dusk to Down operation.
Street lighting.
Landscape Lighting.
Highway Lighting.
Residential Streets.
Pedestrian Walkways.
Parking Lots.
Docks and Piers.
Remote and Rural Locations.
Factory Lighting.
Colony Playgrounds.
Yard Lighting.